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Our Services to accelerate your global sales

Once you've identified your priority markets, it's time to implement your sales strategy and maximize your international growth potential. Through our services, you increase your chances of closing more international deals.

  • What you can expect: It will save time searching for and evaluating local partners, which will speed up your time in the market. You can also expect to find new sources of income and increase your chances of getting new deals.

  • Our services: Take advantage of our communications to find reliable business partners and implement your local distributors' performance management. We can also guide you through general bidding deals.

  • How we can help: We make sure to make the most of your international investment, whether you enter a new market or need to get your sales performance back on track.

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  • 1. I would like to grow my business abroad. where do I start?
    Often the first step is to identify the right markets for your product or service. Many companies also need help finding partners and distributors in the new market, this can be a challenge if you lack business contacts and you’re not Proficient in the local language and culture. This way we can help: We evaluate the market / markets that are best suited for your product or service Know the market / markets you have chosen through research and analysis Overcoming cultural and linguistic barriers Search for new partners and distributors Browse the legal and regulatory framework Create an adapted solid market strategy
  • 2. I have big plans for my company. How do I create a strategy for global expansion?
    If you aspire to become a world leader in your field, you need to start with rigorous analyzes and a carefully planned business strategy. This way we can help: We assess your current position in the global market Prioritize the most relevant markets Developing a global strategy and developing a five-year plan Tailor your offer to a global audience Managing partners in multiple markets Provide advice on industrial logistics services
  • 3. I would like to evaluate my product offer in my new market. Can you help me?
    We can definitely. Each market differs when it comes to customers and competitors, and it is important to strike the right balance between products and customer segments. This requires in-depth market knowledge, careful analysis and a fair share of trial and error. This way we can help: Identify potential customers (B2B and B2C) in the new market Discover which of your products or services have the most potential Analyze the competitive landscape and information related to prices and payments Ensure that you provide the right balance of products to new customer segments
  • 4. How do I find the most relevant sales channels in a new market?
    No product or service sells itself, and sales channels vary from market to market. It is also constantly changing, especially in the digital world. We have experience and expertise in the local market to help you focus on the channels most relevant to your business. This way we can help: Identify and analyze the sales channels most relevant to your company in the new market Improve partners, distributors and online sales channels Stay informed of adapting to and constantly adapting to changing market conditions Find the right balance between the sales channels
  • 5. Do you provide support on carrying out a merger or acquisition or a joint venture?
    Yes, we did. Merging or acquiring a foreign entity is a complex process that comes with many challenges. To reach your intended growth goals, it is important to have a good understanding of cultural differences. This way we can help: Conduct accurate market assessment based on reliable data Identify and evaluate mergers, joint venture and alliances Bridge of language and cultural barriers, as well as differences in the market Browse the legal frameworks and regulations Assist in strategic negotiations


You are welcome to contact us if you have general questions about our services, markets and areas of expertise.

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