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Investment Office

Khalilco Community's Investment Office is responsible for attracting foreign direct investment, supporting existing local investors by promoting investment opportunities and providing integrated services to existing and potential investors. The office also provides, in coordination with strategic partners from the government and private sectors, strategic investment opportunities in targeted sectors.

The main role of the investment office is to combine attracting foreign investors with creating investment opportunities.

What distinguishes the performance of the investment office is that it has the experience, tools and contacts that enable it to help foreign investors to achieve a rapid return on their investments.

Thanks to its extensive network of contacts with government agencies and private service providers, starting an business or launching a new business on a specified date is easy.

The office provides reliable and confidential services that include external business such as: providing consulting and assistance, notices regarding investment projects, establishing companies, and supporting commercial activities.

The investment office also organizes many investment promotion activities locally and globally to find new business opportunities.

Our services:

Khalilco Investment Office is a leading platform that aims to enhance investment opportunities and help facilitate your investment journey.

The office provides all the necessary support elements for new investors to make their businesses successful in the business community, and for existing investors to expand their projects and take them to broader horizons.

Access to information:

Getting accurate and up-to-date information is a very important step to help you make strategic decisions about your business. For this, the Investment Office works to assist you in accessing high-quality, up-to-date primary data from statistical studies, laws, trade agreements and business procedures to ensure your activities and businesses are launched easily and conveniently.

Investor-stakeholder relationship:

We have direct contact and close cooperation with the most prominent government agencies and partners from the public and private sectors, which allows us to identify local and international strategic partners and activate cooperation mechanisms to reach successful investments.

Support and assistance:

At our Investment Office located in Abu Dhabi , we provide quick and easy procedures for establishing your company and launching your new business with minimal effort and shortest time.

Location selection:

The investment office assists investors in identifying the best locations that suit their activities. And they help them, through their business network, in providing preliminary information about the locations nominated for establishing their projects, organizing visits to them and accompanying them to attend the meetings, so that they can take a clear picture of the reality of the business.


Even after your company is established, set up and ready to expand, we keep in touch with you to help you overcome any challenges and obstacles you face. We also offer workshops, training courses, and expert visits to organize your business expansion.

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You are welcome to contact us if you have general questions about our services, markets and areas of expertise.

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